Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Business Plan

The Business Plan

Anyone who has started a business will tell you that a  business plan is one of the most important things that added to the success of their business. The plan is a guidelines for  you and potential investors outlining your business need, wants and goals. Providing detailed information about key employee, business ideas , and financial assumptions. Most small business fail within the first year because they did not outline there business and the needs of the business on paper.

Easier said then I know why people don't do business plans ( this SH!@* is hard)

 As an artist and nail designer, this is the most difficult and challenging aspect of starting a new business. I t would be nice if I were able to walk into a bank be handed a boat load of cash to open the door of the salon next week . Unfortunately, in the real world if you are not independently wealthy its even more important for you to have a concise business plan. Ugh! 

My eye balls are starting to falling out....

I think, Ive have printed the INTERNET!   I've ordered books from AMAZON, purchased books from BARNES& NOBLE, notepads from TARGET, went to IKEA for the 2012 catalog and printed over 3,000 pages from the Internet ( I guess,I didn't print the Internet but it sure feels like it to my Pumpkin*). I need to read my post from last week called "FOCUS". DANG , this is just week two and its already becoming a bit overwhelming.

Baby Steps...

I have decided to break the plan down in order to complete it bit by bit. I am going to maintain my focus and more forward. I am going to do an outline and give myself a time frame. Similar to a student with a paper that is due at the end of a semester.

What would you do?

If you've started a business what tools did you use to assist you with writing the business plan ? LMK

*Pumpkin, is the name of my printer.

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