Saturday, May 12, 2012


For quite some time I have been planning this business in my mind. I’ve gathered so much information from books, people and the Internet. I fact, I think I am going to contact the Guinness people because I truly believe that I have single handily printed the Internet in preparation for this venture. Note to self, try not to be soooo overly excited. Focus.   I have potential clients who have been asking me, WHEN IS THE SALON GOING TO OPEN????  I need to get my nails done. My Family members, who encourage the dream but, believe that it is just that a dream.  They know me so well, I have been planning various businesses for years starting and stopping then starting again.   The Gemini in me, the woman who know she can accomplish whatever she wants in life and the twin that believes the opposite is true.  Today, I am going to put the past behind me and more forward. I am going to put my years of planning, learning and discovering in to action.  I am going to FOCUS on my goal of opening a nail art studio.  

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