Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Business Plan

The Business Plan

Anyone who has started a business will tell you that a  business plan is one of the most important things that added to the success of their business. The plan is a guidelines for  you and potential investors outlining your business need, wants and goals. Providing detailed information about key employee, business ideas , and financial assumptions. Most small business fail within the first year because they did not outline there business and the needs of the business on paper.

Easier said then I know why people don't do business plans ( this SH!@* is hard)

 As an artist and nail designer, this is the most difficult and challenging aspect of starting a new business. I t would be nice if I were able to walk into a bank be handed a boat load of cash to open the door of the salon next week . Unfortunately, in the real world if you are not independently wealthy its even more important for you to have a concise business plan. Ugh! 

My eye balls are starting to falling out....

I think, Ive have printed the INTERNET!   I've ordered books from AMAZON, purchased books from BARNES& NOBLE, notepads from TARGET, went to IKEA for the 2012 catalog and printed over 3,000 pages from the Internet ( I guess,I didn't print the Internet but it sure feels like it to my Pumpkin*). I need to read my post from last week called "FOCUS". DANG , this is just week two and its already becoming a bit overwhelming.

Baby Steps...

I have decided to break the plan down in order to complete it bit by bit. I am going to maintain my focus and more forward. I am going to do an outline and give myself a time frame. Similar to a student with a paper that is due at the end of a semester.

What would you do?

If you've started a business what tools did you use to assist you with writing the business plan ? LMK

*Pumpkin, is the name of my printer.

Tales from the Princess of Polish...

Saturday, May 12, 2012


For quite some time I have been planning this business in my mind. I’ve gathered so much information from books, people and the Internet. I fact, I think I am going to contact the Guinness people because I truly believe that I have single handily printed the Internet in preparation for this venture. Note to self, try not to be soooo overly excited. Focus.   I have potential clients who have been asking me, WHEN IS THE SALON GOING TO OPEN????  I need to get my nails done. My Family members, who encourage the dream but, believe that it is just that a dream.  They know me so well, I have been planning various businesses for years starting and stopping then starting again.   The Gemini in me, the woman who know she can accomplish whatever she wants in life and the twin that believes the opposite is true.  Today, I am going to put the past behind me and more forward. I am going to put my years of planning, learning and discovering in to action.  I am going to FOCUS on my goal of opening a nail art studio.